Johan Henderson from Jessica Henderson

Dawn from Dan

Chloë Schluter from Cory Schluter

Rebecca from Ricardo Sanchez

Andrew from Angie Elia


Mr.Hahn from Mrs. Hahn

Diesel from Debbie

Debbi (Do not confuse with Debbie Schluter) from Trek

Chloë's mother from Cory's father

Masami from Marissa

Eugene from Emma


Debbie: Trek, is this portal you made is dangerous?

Trek: Nah.

Gender Swapped World

[All have been genderswapped]

Debbi, Trek gender Swapped version: Welcome to..... Gender Swapped WORLD! Males become females, females became males!

Diesel: Oh no...

Johan: Let's go to the espohagus. This is musclar and pushes food.

Then, small intestine. Then, large.

The large intestine is LINE. And last, Rect-


JohanSADDAP! Actually, that's gross, so you may continue.

Class: Ewwww!

JohanRectum. It it is the grossest part of this system.

[rings for recess]

DebbiHi Dawn.

DawnHey Debbi. Let's eat.

[skips scene and rings for study time]

Mr. Hahn: Now you pract---ouwssssssssssssssssszxzxw-

Diesel, Debbi, and Dawn: The Portal Back to Reality!

[Portal sends them back]

Welcome Back Boys and a Girl


Trek: We're back.


[The episode ends with some hugs.]

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