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Brachiosaurus was more than twice the length of a school bus.

Brachiosaurus was a large Sauropod Dinosaur from late Jurassic (159 to 145 mya) North America, and South Africa.

Meaning: Arm lizard

Length: 75 to 85 feet (22.5 to 25.5 metres)

Height: 50 feet

Weight: 45 tonnes

Class: Brachiosauridae

Timeline: 159 to 145 mya

Brachiosaurus was one of the largest Dinosaurs ever. Brachiosaurus was twice the length of a School bus. It had a 25 foot neck but a short tail. In Dino Dan it`s Tail is longer than in real life. Brachiosaurus may have had tall spine running down it`s back like Diplodocid Dinosaurs. Also a Brachiosaurus gets its spine`s at around half it`s Adult Length. Brachiosaurus had Nostrils at the top of it`s skull. It`s Name mean`s arm lizard because it`s Front Legs are long than it`s Back Legs.


Brachiosaurus is the tallest known dinosaur.

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